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Top Remodeling Contractors Share Out Of The Box Ideas For Temecula Homeowners

Even if your budget is limited and you think your home won’t do well with an upgrade because it’s too old or too small, you would be amazed at these ideas to spice up your home’s appearance.

If you live anywhere in Temecula Valley, there is no reason to be embarrassed about your home. You can get that new look without sacrificing quality or value just by thinking out of the box.

Here are some easy and quick ideas shared by a top Remodeling company in Temecula Valley:

– Install a stone patio cover, create a cozy fire pit area or add a built in grill.

– Upgrade your cabinets, countertops and appliances to add value and appeal to the kitchen.

– Build a covered patio or an outdoor living room to create an outdoor gathering space.

– Increase storage by adding extra shelves, hooks and racks especially under the staircase.

– Add accent walls or install a new backsplash to give your kitchen and bathrooms that WOW factor.

– Transform the exterior of your home by adding patio covers and porches, skylights and outdoor lighting, vented soffit and fascia.

– Get creative with your flooring by using interesting materials and patterns.

This full article was found in full at Redfin and our friends at Box Construction on their blog, Out Of The Box Original Home Upgrade Ideas.

Think about what will make your space feel special

Think through your design before starting construction

Think about what you want to “emphasize” and what you want to “hide.” With regards to exterior remodeling, you can have two primary colors throughout the home and add a third accent color where you want the eyes to go, for example a front porch. But if you really want to take your home to the next level, then you can’t go wrong with adding stone veneer. We make our own stone veneer in house and it is a nice touch that no-one else in our area offers.- HX Home Solutions & North Star Stone

Consider a butcher block countertop for your kitchen upgrade

One trend for 2021 has us falling in love over in-home butcher blocks made out of a variety of woods and incredible designs. Although it has been functionally relevant for years, it’s just now carving itself a place in the interior design niche as a stylistic kitchen symbol. Butcher block countertops are extremely pragmatic and versatile as well as visually stunning. Choosing the right wood for your butcher block includes ideas of color, strength, durability, and toxicity levels. There is a vast array of lumber options that can also be honored with a badge of eco-friendliness as it can be assembled or constructed from left-over wood. – Greenport Construction, Inc.

Take your home to the next level with an aquarium

space with a tabletop aquarium and bright green aquascaping
Photo courtesy of Glass Aqua

Tap into your wildest imagination

We encourage you to just get started and let your imagination swim wild. Scientific studies have shown that aquariums reduce stress, contribute to improved mental health, overall well-being, sleep and more for individuals of all ages. Creativity is limitless in the aquarium world and adding an interactive natural display that contributes to both your health and home has never been easier. – Glass Aqua

The right lighting can instantly upgrade your space

Don’t play it safe

Too often we are overly conservative when it comes to choosing light fixtures, going with neutral, inoffensive fixtures which won’t compete for attention with other elements of the room. Resist this urge. Good light fixtures are the jewelry of your home. Our brains are hardwired to notice lighting before anything else, so let your lighting be a true expression of your tastes. Likewise, our brains evolved to look for sparkle, as it often indicated flowing, potable water on the horizon. So consider a little bling. – Michael McHale Designs

Content contributed in part by Dave Keys